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    Andrew Mitchell

    Andrew is the Founder and Managing Director of Brand Machine, a leading marketing technology consultancy and software provide serving the Asia Pacific region. A vastly experienced marketer, Andrew advises businesses on how technologies can bring improved efficiency and effectiveness to their marketing operations.

    Recent Posts

    Who does what? The first question when developing your local marketing strategy.

    Once you’ve decided which local marketing channels you’ll focus on to drive local audiences

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    Web-to-print systems no longer deliver what local area marketers need.

    When we meet new multi-location clients, we are often surprised

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    Digital screens – no longer in the ‘too hard basket’ for local marketing

    What could be a better local medium than street facing digital screens with animated content?

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    Four reasons to get serious about your local area marketing strategy

     More leading national brands are taking a local approach to their marketing.

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    The Ups and Downs of Local Marketing Automation.

    Only through automation can a multi-location brand reduce the heavy burden

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    Six must have marketing apps for multi-location brands

    The cool new LAM tech that will help you get home earlier.

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    7 local area marketing tasks your franchise brand could automate.

    If you’re a franchise brand marketer, you’ve experienced the stress of servicing multiple local

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    Loosen the reins! Give your franchisees more local marketing freedom.

    Brand consistency doesn't need to be at the expense of franchisees being able to run free 

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    6 Game Changing Marketing Apps for Franchise Brands

    Your guide to the local marketing technology that will help you get home earlier in 2019.

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