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Should I have a local Facebook page for each local outlet?


This was a key topic of conversation when we attended the Franchise Marketing Forum in Brisbane last year.

Since then we’ve researched the topic extensively and concluded that the case for having local pages is compelling. In the US they’ve even stopped asking the question. It’s now the default strategy for most multi-location brands. Here's why:

1) Local pages = more reach.

We’ve all bemoaned how Facebook only surfaces our organic posts to a small percentage of our following audience. But like Google, Facebook loves content with local relevance, so posts to a local page will get exponentially more local exposure compared with the corporate page. 

Consider this before and after case study of US burger chain Burger 21: 

  • The local pages had 27x more reach in aggregate compared with the corporate page, even though the corporate page had a much larger audience.
  • Overall total local reach increased 82% after local pages were implemented. 

Please contact us for more details and data from this and other case studies.

2) Local pages get more engagement. 

Engagement is what truly connects consumers with brands and it’s what social media is so good at. Our case studies show engagement will be 8x higher on a local page than a corporate page given the same audience. It’s logical that a local store or branch, staffed by local people and supporting the local community will create more engagement, while making the brand feel less corporate and more local. 

3) Consumers expect it. 

An increasing sector of the population use Facebook to search and research and Facebook is working hard to secure more of this search traffic. If you don’t have a local page, you’ll be out-done by local independents that do. Embarrassing! 

4) Improve your local SEO. 

Google rates local Facebook pages highly in its ranking algorithm. No local Facebook page means you’re likely to rank lower. 

5) Take control of your social presence. 

If you don’t claim your local pages, someone else will – and posts and reviews may go unmanaged causing reputational damage. After spending an hour searching for various national brands on Facebook, I was amazed at how prevalent these unclaimed local pages were, often with negative comments that have been left unmanaged.  

So, what’s the downside?

Even if you’ve bought this argument, chances are you’re thinking there is no way your team has time to manage multiple Facebook pages. It’s hard enough managing one corporate page! Plus, the thought of letting your locations loose on social media probably has you shaking in your social shoes. 

The good news is you can enjoy the upside of location pages without the brand risk or onerous workload – Brand Machine has introduced the Local Social Manager.  Contact us to learn more, or request some real-life case studies of multi-location brands that have used this solution to go local with their social – with awesome results.  

Author Andrew Mitchell

May 23, 2017 3:40:48 PM