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    New local marketing tricks enabled by automation

    Make-local-moves-you-never-thought-possibleNew tactical opportunities await brands that embrace local marketing automation.

    Huge resource savings await companies who move to an automation platform for their regional and localised marketing. But equally important are the new tactical opportunities that automation creates.

    Hyper-local creative

    A modern local marketing automation will allow templates to be linked to a data source that can generate unlimited multiple creative versions. This allows a brand to have locally engaging messaging, tailored to every one of their sales territories, without any bespoke artwork generation required.

    So you if you have 200 branches, you can run a campaign with 200 unique creative executions – each with a local version of your campaign message.

    Locally activated email

    A personalised email from your local branch manager will always interest you more than a generic blast email from your bank. And where in the past this level of ‘micro-campaign’ thinking was too labour intensive to consider, automation platforms now make it possible. A system such as Brand Machine’s Marketing Hub can automate both the email production and the order workflow for bulk dispatch.

    At a more basic level, where in the past customers or prospects may have received a printed collateral, they can now be emailed either PDF or HTML content straight out of the platform, saving on print costs and lowering your brand’s carbon footprint.

    Display banners

    Online display is typically centrally managed, with little scope for localised placement or creative to leverage local sponsorships or promote local offers. The reason is banner production is expensive and labor intensive to produce. But now with local automation platforms allowing local teams to create their own display banner creative from flexible, pre-approved templates, online display opportunities are easy to take advantage of.

    Distressed space opportunities

    A local butcher will have more chance of taking advantage of a local distressed space advertising opportunity than a branch of a national brand. The reason is the national brand simply can’t move quickly enough to resize or localise creative and get it approved. An automation platform, with brand compliant advertising templates that can be localised and re-sized instantly, solves this problem. So now when great opportunities come up, local teams can take advantage of them.

    Automating local event activation

    Local events remain a great opportunity for brands to connect with customers and prospects and demonstrate their commitment to the community. They are however labour intensive to activate for both local teams or head office.

    That’s why we have built Marketing Hub to be able to significantly streamline event activation. Event collateral and promotional material is available to edit and order, plus we’ve made it easy to connect suppliers of items such as merchandise, marquees, coffee carts and even mascot costumes. This means local teams can order these materials and receive delivery in a highly streamlined fashion with no head office co-ordination required, with all costs tightly controlled and tracked.

    Animated digital screens

    In-store digital screens are such a natural medium to localise. Specific local offers, personalised call-to-actions and community sponsorship leverage are just a few of the opportunities that go begging because of the difficulty of producing the screen content at a local level. A local automation portal solves this issue with editable templates for digital display. At Brand Machine one of our recent developments is to enable editable ‘mosters’ (motion posters) with subtle motion graphics to more effectively grab attention in-store. 



    Author Andrew Mitchell

    Oct 26, 2015 7:31:00 PM