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Make local marketing easy for everyone. Branches, dealers, distributors or sales teams create their own 'on brand' print, press or digital communications quickly and easily. Request a demo link.

With cut-through becoming harder to achieve with generic comms, the move to locally relevant marketing is on. Marketing Hub will help you seize the opportunity, without clogging your team's bandwidth. Beautiful and intuitive, you local staff will LOVE using it. Request a demo link here.

Beautiful, user friendly local marketing software.
Research shows that locally relevant, personalised communications are more than effective generic blasting, but achieving it with a centralised, manual marketing process is impractical. Head office is overburdened and front line teams are left frustrated with slow response. Marketing Hub local marketing automation changes the game by allowing local teams to create and activate local marketing themselves. It's no longer your job to do everything. And key to its success is that local teams LOVE using it.

Request a demo link here and have a play with our beautiful software.

Marketing Hub is beautiful software that's intuitive and fun to use. Find what you want quickly, customise, resize and order it easily. It's so easy no training is required. Just log in and start marketing! This is our secret sauce, and the reason our clients typically see locally activated marketing increase as much as 400% compared to their previous platform. Before Marketing Hub local marketing software was ugly, clunky and inflexible, which limited staff engagement and return on system investment.

Request a demo link here and experience the difference.


Point of sale, press, animated online display and screen content, HTML emails, Facebook tiles and clips – users can find, customise, re-size and activate virtually any local marketing activity in seconds. They can also access brand assets like images, logos, stationery and merchandise. It's easy to connect your suppliers to Marketing Hub to streamline production ordering which can weigh down your team. You can also decide what resources and actions need approval, and which ones don't. 

Request a demo link here and have a play with our beautiful software.

Streamline and automate. Get home earlier.
When your team has to react to the beck and call of local outlets or business divisions requesting marketing and sales material, it’s hard to find clear space for more important strategic work. Marketing Hub gives you back control of your time, because you can decide what can be ‘templated’ and activated by local or divisional teams themselves. If you want to keep tabs on things you can via an approval dashboard on your mobile, tablet or PC. 

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Marketing Hub can take the following off your plate:

1. Local versioning and creative processing
2. Print orders and management
3. Cost allocation and reporting 
4. Ad-resizing for local press
5. Price and rate updates
6. Cost center allocation and spend tracking
7. Orders and delivery of event materials and merchandise
8. Brand asset (e.g. logos) and file requests

Maintaining brand standards is time consuming, and when local teams create their own work, quality issues naturally arise. With Marketing Hub, users have an easy-to-search gallery of templates that are highly flexible for local needs while brand rules remain locked down. It's up to you what users can adapt, and what remains fixed. You can add an approval step, so someone in marketing can do a quick check via the Approval Dashboard. One click approves the request and sends to production. 

Download our latest e-Book for '22 WAYS TO INCREASE YOUR MARKETING EFFICIENCY’.

Why local marketing matters

It's getting tougher for generic, centrally activated marketing to cut through. US research shows 59% of brands now consider localised marketing to be essential to driving business growth and profitability. By featuring locally relevant products, offers, calls to action and local staff, a brand can achieve vastly improved customer engagement and connection in the ‘last mile’ of the purchase process after national brand and campaign work has achieved awareness and consideration.


New technology like Marketing Hub is driving the renewed focus on local marketing, where previously lack of marketing team bandwidth made localisation impractical. As well as the improved pulling power of locally relevant comms, now local teams have resources at their finger tips to 'get busy', activating local campaigns and driving sales. If you’re still solely focused on national campaigns, it’s time to pull local marketing out of the ‘too hard basket’ and place it firmly in your playbook. Marketing Hub will also allow you to deploy national campaigns, and react to market changes faster. 

The steady swing to digital is now flowing over to local marketing. Where previously the manual work and co-ordination involved made it too tough, Marketing Hub’s automated workflows and multiple output types now makes it possible to execute locally activated email campaigns, paid search, digital signage content, local landing pages and ‘local social’ posts.

Make local moves you never thought possible

Locally relevant, personalized email from local staff will consistently out-pull national batch and blast efforts. Marketing Hub makes locally activated email easy to execute with brand approved HTML templates. Once adapted, they can be sent locally or an order placed to a central email manager who dispatches. Suddenly the central resource required to activate this effective channel is light and the results highly measurable.

Digital signage is a perfect fit for local messaging and creating a strong local connection to your brand. But it’s seldom done because screens and creative are centrally managed and short-term localisation is too much work. With digital signage templates (static or animated) on your Marketing Hub and an automated workflow to your screen manager, it’s easy. We are currently working on an integration that will allow users to publish to a local screen straight from your Marketing Hub.


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Additional modules for your marketing hub

Our Brand Library (Digital Asset Management) and Proposal Builder modules can be easily plugged in to your Marketing Hub, further strengthening the value proposition across your business. Our powerful user group and permission structure gives you full control over who can see and use what.

If your images, artwork, logos and other assets are scattered across product teams and external agencies, or you’re using a folder system on your server that’s not purpose designed for handling design files, Brand Library digital asset management will save you time, safeguard your assets and promote asset re-use. Request an online demo.


Proposal Builder lets sales teams create designer quality business proposals quickly. A base design is created by marketing and set up as an interactive proposal template. Sales users can be de-selected, selected and edited where necessary by sales users. Quality and legal compliance is guaranteed and approval and print workflows can be added if required. Request an online demo.


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The technology that's transforming Local Area Marketing for multi-location brands.


Brand Machine helped us acheive a huge increase (compared with our previous system) in local marketing activity thanks to a superior user experience and flexible template technology.

Automated Proposal Builders
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Hyper-local marketing
How well has Marketing Hub been adopted within your clients' businesses?

Business software adoption is all about ease of use, and that’s what sets Marketing Hub apart. It takes seconds to find what you need, and editing templates is a visual, highly intuitive experience – fun even. We have yet to find a more intuitive artwork adaption (web to print or web to digital) technology in the world and we’re immensely proud of it. Where we have replaced a legacy system with Marketing Hub, we have seen local marketing activity more than treble. Typically feedback from users to our clients goes like this: “This is so easy and cool to use…it’s awesome!”

What is the process for building an interactive template.

Clients supply print ready InDesign art file, along with a completed brief form indicating the editable fields and any other required features. From there our team does some quick code work to transform it to an interactive template. We have a fixed price menu for this work.

Can you control who sees particular resources?

Yes, Marketing Hub has a powerful permissions system so business divisions or regions can see the work that is relevant to them, but not access other resources they shouldn't see. Where access is not sensitive, some clients allow all users to see everything, as it may inspire one business division to create a resource type that they see another division has created.

To what degree can I ‘self manage’ my Marketing Hub.

All core day-to-day functions such as registering new users, deleting users, approving orders, key-wording resources, adding new filters and folders can be done by the client admin. We provide full training and instruction guides to assist you to do this. The main on-going contact you will have with us is to arrange the build of new templates, but that said, we are always just a phone call away if you have a question on anything. We have a strong customer service DNA.

Our teams also need access to other resources like Powerpoint and Word templates plus print ready files for things like compliments slips. Can Marketing Hub deal with all this?

Our aim is to make life simple by providing one digital home for everything users might need for local marketing, sales or customer service. Our ‘mixed resource’ version of Marketing Hub allows interactive templates to sit side by side with any other asset types from video files to word documents. Automated order processes (e.g. printing) can be added to these other resources as well.

How easy is it to add other supplier types to the automated workflows?

Very easy! It is a day’s work to set this up, including scoping, building a new order form for the supplier, configuring and testing. Marketing Hub has been designed to grow and expand easily in the role it plays for your business. Typically clients start with print ordering, but then move into areas such as merchandise orders, digital signage, email, local DM campaigns and more once they see the degree to which the system is embraced by their teams – and experience the resource and cost savings for their central marketing team.

This sounds awesome. What are the costs?

There is a set-up fee based on the scope of your project and how much it varies from our standard Marketing Hub configuration. On-going you pay a monthly license which scales up or down based on usage of system. We think this is fairer than a typical per user system, as fees are based on the success and adoption levels of your Marketing Hub. Consequently we don’t just set you up and walk away, we work closely with you to help ensure your project is a big success.

Can we add Proposal Builder or Brand Library to our Marketing Hub in the future?

Yes, these modules utilise the same core user management and workflow platform, so can be relatively inexpensive additions that have a powerful utility for your Brand and Sales teams. Permissions can be set up so users can see all three modules, or just those relevant to them.