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    10 reasons to review your local marketing efforts.


    Local marketing enjoys renewed focus with the development of new automation tech.

    Mobile, marketing automation, content marketing and ‘big data’ may clog the marketing airwaves these days. But local marketing is as vital as it ever was as a component of your marketing programme. Here’s why:

    • As marketers we are enamoured with new mobile and digital marketing opportunities. But get out to the regions and you're reminded that ultimately not much has changed. People buy from people, which is why featuring local staff and their contact details in your marketing gets consumers one step closer to engaging with you.
    • Similarly, research shows localised call to actions – featuring local branches, staff and contact details consistently out perform generic ones. Even your national campaigns should feature localised call to actions for improved response in local media. Sound too hard? With new local marketing automation platforms it’s easy.
    • In many categories, national campaigns will create awareness and consideration, but it’s in local markets, with your local teams, where sales actually take place. If you don’t have a presence in local media, create local events and communicate in locally relevant ways, you may fail to turn this consideration into engagement and sales.
    • As the fight for consumer attention get tougher, marketers are looking for new ways to increase relevance. Localised marketing content is increasingly seen as a key lever. In a major US survey* of Chief Marketing Officers, 59% of those surveyed stated that local marketing is essential to driving business growth and profitability. By giving your communications a local twist, your brand becomes emotionally connected to local prospects.
    • Local teams understand the nuances of their local audience better than you do. Head office marketers need to leverage their expertise, and provide the resources (through a local marketing automation platform) for them to tailor and execute local marketing as they see fit. A rural farming town is a world away from the urban world in which most marketers exist.
    • With monthly targets to hit, local teams having a sense of control and influence on how they achieve them will make for more engaged and proactive local teams.
    • In the past, local marketing has been held back due to bandwidth constraints of central marketing, and a nervousness to let the local teams go it alone and create their own communication. New local marketing automation platforms like Marketing Hub allow local execution while tightly controlling quality and brand consistency.
    • New local marketing automation platforms open up completely new tactical opportunities. If you don’t seize them, you could well see yourself out manoeuvred by your rival brands. In addition to traditional staples of local press and point of sale, we’re setting up automation workflows for locally activated HTML email, digital screens, direct mail, online display banners and more.
    • Hyper-localisation is a term we’re hearing more frequently in digital channels. It’s just as relevant offline and easy to achieve. With our 'Data-linked' template feature, we’re assisting clients to achieve unique, locally engaging messaging in every one of their sales territories, but without any bespoke artwork generation or user editing required.
    • More marketing executed locally means less needs to be done by the head office, freeing up your marketing team to focus on bigger strategic initiatives.

     If you’re thinking you should learn more about local marketing automation and how it can increase your local marketing performance, download our eBook Introduction to Local Marketing Automation.


    Author Andrew Mitchell

    Sep 30, 2015 11:30:00 AM