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    6 Game Changing Marketing Apps for Franchise Brands

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    Your guide to the local marketing technology that will help you get home earlier in 2019.

    There’s so much to love about working with franchise brands. The assion and drive of local franchisees is infectious for a marketing team. But it’s not without its challenges too. 

    That same passion can quickly lead to frustration when head office is unable to support franchisees with Local Area Marketing in a timely manner. And if franchisees go off and do their own thing, quality and brand consistency can be hard to maintain.

    Digital Marketing, so vital these days for Local Area Marketing with its geotargeting capabilities, presents further challenges. How do you run Facebook and Google campaigns on behalf of locations in an efficient, scalable manner? And how do you allow franchisees to have their own local Facebook pages while maintaining brand standards? 

    Thankfully, several new technology solutions have shown up in recent times – aimed squarely at solving the local area marketing challenges faced by franchise businesses. We summarise them all for you in our latest eBook – 6 Game Changing Marketing Apps for Franchise Brands. Read about exciting new tools that will take the heavy lifting out of managing local search, email, digital and social marketing plus digital asset management and template solutions.

    If you strive to have your franchise marketing running as an efficient, well-oiled machine, then this eBook is essential reading. Download it here.


    This is a very cool template we recently built for Robert Harris, as part of a full local area marketing portal project. It helps local managers very easily run the promotions they think will work best for their store. The concept is applicable for both print and digital formats. 


    Author Andrew Mitchell

    Mar 28, 2019 11:01:00 AM