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    7 local area marketing tasks your franchise brand could automate.

    7 local area marketing tasks your franchise brand could automateIf you’re a franchise brand marketer, you’ve experienced the stress of servicing multiple local area marketing support demands at once. It’s a struggle, with limited head office resources, to keep up. But the truth is franchisees often lack the skills or capacity to execute in an effective or brand compliant manner themselves. This can result in a standoff that sees insufficient, good quality local marketing being done.

    The only way to break the deadlock is with the new marketing automation and distribution solutions designed specifically for multi-location brands.

    Here are 7 typical local area marketing tasks you can automate:

    • Localisation and re-sizing of marketing and advertising material (print and digital).
    • Supplier ordering (e.g. printing and media).
    • Execution of paid social and google ads across multiple franchisee sites, geo-targeted and content localised.
    • Localisation and publishing of organic content across multiple local Facebook pages.
    • Production of local store SEO landing pages.
    • Local store data internet listing management for optimal SEO performance.
    • Localisation of email campaigns.

    So how do you do it? We summarise the sorts of apps that can remove the heavy lifting from your local marketing in our new eBook – 6 Game Changing Marketing Apps for Franchise Brands. It’s a vital guidebook for franchise marketers wishing to reduce their local area marketing support workload. Download it here.


    Author Andrew Mitchell

    May 6, 2019 1:18:49 PM