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    Are your local SEO ducks in a row?

     see_ducks_in_a_row-008270-edited.jpgLocal store SEO is the foundation of effective local area marketing. Is yours up to scratch? 

    Smart phones have changed the way consumers find you online. Google says over half of all searches now seek a local search result. Forrester reveals that ‘near me’ searches (e.g. ATM near me) has increased 34x since 2011. Forrester adds that 92% of all offline purchases take place following online consumer activity.
    Not surprisingly, Google has been tweaking its algorithm to ensure that brands that have their local SEO ducks aligned rank highest. So, if you’re a multi-location brand and you haven't been focussed on your local SEO, your locations or franchisees may well be…'sitting ducks'.

    How good, or bad, is your local SEO?

    1. Do you manage your location data (name, address, phone etc) accurateky and consistently across key search engines, mapping services and data aggregators?
    2. Do you have local landing pages for each location? The SEO rewards for having a distinct location URL with unique location data are significant. 
    3. Have you claimed all your local social assets, particularly Facebook? Google loves to see social assets for each of your locations.

    If you answered ‘no’, to any of the above, you have some work to do. And just because your stores might be ranking well now doesn’t mean you should rest on your laurels. A competitor that starts employing best practice could easily knock you off your perch.

    Good local SEO creates good customer experience.

    Nothing will turn off potential customers quicker than inaccurate map results or location information such as store hours. Nothing will impress a prospect more than relevant information about your nearest location – the products or services on offer, the team, community involvement, clear links to online ordering and social pages – all mobile optimised.

    Making it easy – Brand Machine's Location Data Cloud.

    Manage your location in a single dashboard, and publish it automatically to everywhere it needs to go around the web. Automate the production and management of mobile friendly local landing pages. Manage those location Facebook pages easily. Our Location Data Cloud takes the heavy lifting out of acheiving brilliant local store SEO. And it will be the gift that keeps on giving to your location teams 24 hours of every day – with no ads to make or campaigns to run. Great marketing while you sleep. Who doesn’t love that!

    Contact us today to find out more about our Location Data Cloud.

    Author Andrew Mitchell

    May 18, 2017 11:18:38 AM