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    Andrew Mitchell

    Andrew is the Founder and Managing Director of Brand Machine, a leading marketing technology consultancy and software provide serving the Asia Pacific region. A vastly experienced marketer, Andrew advises businesses on how technologies can bring improved efficiency and effectiveness to their marketing operations.

    Recent Posts

    Amplifying local engagement for Canada’s biggest restaurant chain.


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    Should your brand have local Facebook pages?

    When discussing local area marketing strategy, the question of whether brands should have Facebook pages for each location is something we get asked frequently.

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    Six ways to reduce marketing costs and drive sales in the year of Covid-19.

    Multi-location and franchise brand marketing teams are under pressure like never before.

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    How to take the pain out of your business pitches and proposals.

    There are some marketing pain points that just keep rearing their ugly head. Proposal creation is one of them.

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    Are Facebook Locations the answer for multi-location brands?

    In the last few years Facebook has made a number of major moves to ensure it plays a major role in local marketing.

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    Why some local area marketing portals flounder, and others prosper.

    Here’s everything we’ve learned about what makes a self-service local marketing portal succeed – or not.

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    Will a local area marketing portal work for your brand? Why not try before you buy.

    Without doubt, for a multi-location or franchise brand, the benefits of implementing a self-service local area marketing 

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    How House of Travel took the stress out of their Local Marketing

    Two years ago, managing House of Travel’s local marketing across their branch network

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    Who does what? The first question when developing your local marketing strategy.

    Once you’ve decided which local marketing channels you’ll focus on to drive local audiences to your locations, the next key decision is ‘who does what’. 

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