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    Digital screens – no longer in the ‘too hard basket’ for local marketing

    Digital screens – no longer in the ‘too hard basket’ for local marketing

    What could be a better local medium than street facing digital screens with animated content? Or instore screens for customers waiting for service or browsing? Viewers of this content will never more relevant or closer to an engagement opportunity and point of purchase.

    Yet most brands just run generic, nationally managed content on their screens (real estate being one of the few exceptions). Most marketers would agree that localised content would be so much better. For example, a product or service that is particularly popular with the local demographic, a sale or special on particular items that the store needs to move, a community sponsorship, or even just promoting the expertise of the local team.

    The reason we seldom see this is obvious. It’s been too hard and too expensive. Head office has to manage requests from locations on the content they require, then brief their studio or an agency. This is obviously a ton more work for a team that’s probably stretched already. Then there is the expense to create the content – and creating animations is time consuming. Into the too hard basket we go.

    In 2018, the team at Brand Machine was determined to change that and embarked on a significant development project. Our beautiful marketing template UI, which has always allowed easy do-it-yourself local creation of static local marketing material, can now be used to produce localised animated content. The output files are Mpeg, so the same technology can be used to created animated content for social channels as well as screens.

    We found a willing first client in the form of a large Australian Bank who was equally frustrated by not being able to fully seize the opportunity this medium presented. Now, not only can branch staff tailor the animations to their own content requirements, the system also automatically resizes the content to the screens they have in-branch.

    The roll out was a great success, that has led to further projects to expand the template library available on their local marketing portal. Meanwhile other brands in the group are jumping on board.

    If you like to learn more or view a demo, feel free to contact us.


    Author Andrew Mitchell

    Aug 5, 2019 1:07:47 PM

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