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    Loosen the reins! Give your franchisees more local marketing freedom.

    Brand consistency doesn't need to be at the expense of franchisees being able to run free  and activate marketing, adapt offers and localise calls-to-action. ‘Managed independence’ is required so each franchisee can adapt local marketing to local preferences and have a sense that they can be masters of their own success.

    Loosen the reins. Give your franchisees more local marketing freedom.

    5 years ago, ‘managed independence’ would have been an impossible and contradictory objective. But today a plethora of new software tools make it totally possible to achieve.You will have oversight, control, and influence wherever needed, yet provide franchisees with resources that are flexible enough to allow each location to cater to their local market, which they understand intimately.

    We summarise these exciting new solutions in our latest eBook – 6 Game Changing Marketing Apps for Franchise Brands.  They cover managing local search, email, digital and social marketing plus digital asset management and web-to-print template solutions.

    If you’ve long wondered how to solve the tension between franchisees desire to ‘do their own thing’ with local area marketing while maintaining brand standards and consistency, then this eBook is essential reading. Download it here.


    Brand Machine Cafe Promo with play button

    This is a very cool template we recently built for Robert Harris, as part of a full local area marketing portal project. It helps local managers very easily run the promotions they think will work best for their store. The concept is applicable for both print and digital formats.

    To see more of Brand Machine's template software in action please request a demo link.

    Author Andrew Mitchell

    Apr 15, 2019 11:39:00 AM