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How digital asset management keeps you out of legal hot water.


Quick tips to keep your marketing team out of the company lawyer's office. 

Marketing and legal risk have always been close bedfellows. What can and cannot be said in advertising has kept marketing departments and in-house legal teams at loggerheads for years. But there are other risk areas that can land marketers in hot water. 

  • Talent rights have expired on imagery or content, but it continues to be used unknowingly.
  • Terms and conditions, pricing or product specs have changed, yet old ones are still used in new business proposals by your sales teams.
  • Locally created marketing feature incorrect wording, pricing or outdated legals.
  • Outdated collateral is pulled out of the storeroom and given to customers.
These risks are why in-house legal counsels breathe a sigh of relief when marketing implements a proper digital asset management system or a local marketing automation platform.
  • Images and collateral are automatically made inaccessible prior to rights expiry.
  • Users have to ‘accept usage terms’ thereby creating a clear line of responsibility. This is vital if images are shared outside your organisation e.g. with sales or distribution partners.
  • Templatisation of locally activated marketing on a central portal means head office retains full control of key content. They can change it quickly and overnight the update is available to everyone.
  • A centrally housed proposal builder solution can be similarly kept updated with correct pricing and legals, as opposed to old PowerPoint templates sitting on a sales person’s laptop.
  • If management approval workflows are required as a final backstop, these can easily be set up.
Of course you can try to keep clear of legal issues using a manual process, but this is so time consuming you won’t have much time left over to do any proper marketing. And there will still be plenty of risk areas you can’t control.
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Author Andrew Mitchell

Aug 21, 2015 3:57:00 PM