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How to take the pain out of your business pitches and proposals.

How to take the pain out of proposals

There are some marketing pain points that just keep rearing their ugly head. Proposal creation is one of them.
Brand teams constantly despair of the poor quality and lack of brand consistency of Powerpoint or Word proposals their sales teams present in what is usually the make or break moment in the sales process. Alternatively, some marketing teams or studios are forced to create bespoke proposals for each presentation – a time consuming and expensive approach.

Having experienced the flexibility and ease-of-use of the editing software we use in our local area marketing portals, some of our early clients approached us to create a Proposal Builder solution for their B2B sales teams.

Some further development was required to adapt the software for a multi-page format, but the final solution was a great success. Sales people were able to meet with a client, assess their requirements, and respond with a highly personalised, design quality proposal just hours following the meeting. The speed and quality of the response was a powerful statement that this was a company that was well resourced, efficient, with great systems and processes. In industries with largely undifferentiated services or products, this could well be the deciding factor in a close race for the deal.


Since that first Proposal Builder solution we’ve added additional capability such as external data integration, table builders, and layout style selectors. We've also implemented the tool across many industries; Listing proposals for real estate firms, pricing proposals for commercial banking, product and service proposals for manufacturers, and capability statements for professional services firms (lawyers and accountants) are just some examples.

All achieve the goal of making a brand and its people look responsive, efficient and professional – giving them the very best chance of closing the deal.

Watch Brand Machine's Proposal Builder in Action

Click here to request a short video demonstration of Brand Machine’s Proposal Builder solution. A full demo of the solution is available on request.

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Author Andrew Mitchell

Mar 9, 2020 10:45:56 AM