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    Introducing our Location Data Cloud to boost for your local store SEO

    Managing location data accurately across the web is the bedrock of local marketing. 


    As Google continues to evolve its algorithm towards local search outcomes, continually improving local search performance for each one of your locations needs to be an 'always on' initiative. The problem is, acheiving optimal SEO for scores, or even hundreds of locations, has traditionally been very hard work – too hard for all but the largest marketing departments. That's why we’ve introduced the Location Data Cloud. Here’s a summary of what it will provide for your team:

    Easy management and a single source of the truth for your location data

    Google doesn't like your store data being inconsistent across the web. Customers don't like it either – incorrect address details or map co-ordinates are infuriating. There's wider reputational risk too. We've seen brands get crucified on social media when holiday hours on their website differed from their Google My Business page. The Location Data Cloud dashboard gives you one place you can update this data. One source of truth, and from here it will be published automagically via API to all the places it needs to go – clean and consistent.

    Automated location data publishing

    Many brands fail to manage their location data across all the key web services that contribute to their local search Google ranking. And to be fair it is hard work! The Location Data Cloud does the grunt work for you – seamlessly and accurately pushing out data updates as you make them to key search, mapping and listing services.

    Local Landing Page Automation

    Google loves local landing pages. If you don’t have them, you need them. A store locator doesn’t present the unique URL or rich and relevant data and tagging necessary to get you to the top or keep you there. Our plug and play solution will create mobile friendly location pages to your branding style and feel, all fully SEO optimised. Mapping is included, as are social links and any location specific copy or imagery you wish to show. Yes, a store locater is part of the solution too. Location data is automatically updated when you make changes at the dashboard, so it is always up-to-the-minute accurate.

    We’d love to tell you more about the Location Data Cloud, so contact us today to find out more. If you'd like to know more detail about why location data management is so crucial for your local SEO, check out this earlier blog post.


    Author Andrew Mitchell

    May 22, 2017 7:15:00 AM