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    Introducing our new Local Social Manager for multi-location brands.


    Local Social Manager makes easy work of managing social assets for each location.

    Designed for use by both clients and agencies, it’s a highly scalable solution that lets you distribute content, ensure local posts are ‘on-brand’ and respond to reviews on any number of location pages and review sites.

    Our software turns an impossible task into an easy, scalable process to give you:

    • superior local social reach and engagement plus improved local SEO
    • much easier and more robust review and reputation management across all locations
    • scalable processing and management of locally targeted paid campaigns across multiple locations

    Here’s how it works:

    Central publishing

    • Push centrally created content down to local pages through one interface with full calendar scheduling functionality.
    • Create groups of locations based on demographics, climate, services/products offered etc. to ensure only relevant content is published on each location page.

    Local posting

    • You decide which, if any, locations have rights to post their own content.
    • Local posts can go through an approval step before going live if preferred.
    • Built-in content library makes it easy for locations to create posts.

    Reputation management

    • Set alerts for comments, questions and reviews and designate specific personnel to moderate.
    • Single dashboard view and management for all locations.
    • Centrally monitor, manage and measure review sites.


    • Analyse results, compare locations and uncover insights to drive result.
    • Agencies can export performance reports for each client.

    The Local Social Manager is an exciting development for all multi-location businesses, opening up the SEO, engagement advertising benefits of local Facebook without the heavy lifting or brand risk. Contact us today to request some case studies or to arrange a demo.

    Author Andrew Mitchell

    May 23, 2017 3:46:59 PM