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    Are you seizing the local marketing opportunity?

    Local Marketing

    How marketing automation is bringing 'local' back into focus.

    Local marketing used to be the only marketing there was – shop posters, local press then later, some local radio. Then as national newspapers extended their reach and television arrived, the mass media era began. 

    Centrally activated mass media ‘blasting’ delivered the goods for years with little need for other tactics. But post millennium, marketers have had to work harder as media channels multiply and the internet raises consumers expectations of relevance and personalisation.

    Direct and digital communications, using data enabled segmentation strategies, has been page one of this revised playbook. And now ‘localisation’ has made its way to page two. 

    Once centrally activated media has earned trust and consideration, it will often take some local media with personalised call to actions with local people, or an invitation to an event or local promotion, to convert consideration to engagement. 

    In the past, local marketing has been held back due to bandwidth constraints of central marketing, and a nervousness to let the local teams go it alone and create their own communication.

    Those barriers no longer exist thanks to new local marketing automation tools like Marketing Hub. Are you seizing the opportunity or still sitting on your hands? Or are you doing your best to support local teams but the volume of manual work required is overwhelming you?

    Stop The Slog, Brand Machine's marketing technology eBook, provides you with 22 thought provoking ideas on how you can streamline your marketing operations with the use of new technology. And we pay particular attention to local marketing automation because of the opportunity  it presents for so many businesses. Download it today, before a competitor does. 

    Useful local marketing stats:

    In a major US survey* of Chief Marketing Officers, 59% percent of those surveyed stated that local marketing is essential to driving business growth and profitability. 

    According to Gleanster Research, top performers who localise marketing report an 18% higher response rate over generic communications. 

    Gleanster also reports that 76% of businesses implement local marketing automation to increase revenue, ahead of 65% to reduce costs.

    *US Council Survey 2013

    Author Andrew Mitchell

    Jul 27, 2015 2:13:00 PM