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    Your 2017 Local Marketing Technology Guide


    You’ll learn new ways to tackle some common local area marketing pain points.

    For the marketing team of a multi-location brand, the demands of keeping both national campaigns and Local Area Marketing (LAM) support on track – doesn’t leave much time for research.

    Which explains why very few of the local marketing teams we talk to are even aware of the tech that’s available beyond the traditional staple of digital asset management solutions.

    So we’re stepping in to get you up to speed quickly. Our new eBook – Your Absolutely Essential LAM Tech Guide – is a concise overview of six local marketing technologies that are bringing much needed relief to common local marketing pain-points:

    • How do you support local outlets sufficiently with local marketing when you’re under the pump just managing national activity?
    • How do you prevent local outlets doing their own thing and undoing all your good brand work?
    • How do you get the reach and engagement upside of multiple local Facebook pages and still maintain brand control?
    • You know locally targeted Facebook and Google ads are highly effective, but how do execute efficiently at scale across all your locations?
    • For franchise or dealer models, how can local outlets co-fund the digital campaigns you create?
    • How do you stay on top of SEO performance for every one of your locations?

    Don’t lock in your plans and initiatives for 2018 until you read this eBook. It might just change your view about potential local marketing tactics and where some big efficiency gains may lie.

    You can download it here. Enjoy!

    Author Andrew Mitchell

    Oct 2, 2017 1:26:30 PM

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