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Moving your local marketing to a self-service DIY model

Setting up a self-serve automation platform will transform your local marketing efforts.

The key to improving local marketing performance is switching modes from central management to a distributed ‘DIY’ approach – local teams activating communications themselves using a modern automation platform.

It’s physically impossible for the local marketing opportunity to be realised if everything is managed by head office. And brands are quickly realising local teams need the freedom to localise and activate quickly to help hit their numbers.

Adopting a modern local automation platform is the key to achieving this. It will allow marketing to be executed by front-line teams themselves from pre-designed ‘on-brand’ templates. Outputs are typically PDFs for print, automatically resizable press and print ads, HTML for email, jpeg for online display and digital screen content. Production and delivery processes are also automated, not just for print, but anything required for local activation such as event materials and merchandise, online display ads and digital screeen content. 

A word of warning though, plenty of attempts at moving to an automated local marketing model have failed. The main reason we have observed is poor user experience. Employees now expect their work software to be just as nice to use and intuitive as their personal apps. If it is not, they will quickly become frustrated and are likely not to return.

To help you get your vendor selecton right, download our new eBook, Introduction to Local Marketing Automation. It’s a quick, but super useful read if local marketing support is part of your team’s mandate.

You’ll learn:

  • Why local marketing matters
  • What local marketing automation entails
  • What to look for in a modern local marketing automation platform
  • The latest technology advances that will transform your local marketing operations

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Author Andrew Mitchell

Oct 7, 2015 10:24:00 PM