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    Six must have marketing apps for multi-location brands


    The cool new LAM tech that will help you get home earlier.

    When Facebook launched geo-targeted advertising a few years ago, it was one of the most exciting things to happen to local area marketing since the first newspaper.

    Unfortunately most brands with a national network of branches, stores or franchisees were unable to take advantage of geo-targeting. It was simply too time consuming for head office to execute scores of micro-local campaigns, while the local outlets lacked the expertise to do it themselves.

    But that's all changed now. New apps allow marketers to execute multiple local Facebook and Google campaigns at scale, all with localised content, in the same time it would take to set up a single national campaign.

    This is just one example of the breakthrough solutions that have been spinning out of Silicon Valley and other tech hot zones in recent years – all aimed at solving the scaling issues that all local area marketers face. 

    We summarise these new toys in our new updated eBook, 6 game changing marketing apps for multi-location brands. You can download it here.

    Learn about apps that will:

    • Create geo-targeted social and google ads for each location instantly.
    • Manage multiple local Facebook pages with ease.
    • Maximise local SEO and email marketing across your network.
    • Massively reduce head office support time spent on local creative production.
    • Automate artwork approvals and supplier ordering.

    We think one or two of these solutions will significantly impact local area marketing for almost every franchise or multi-location brand, so don't miss this eBook!

    Marketing apps for franchise and multi-location brands - by Brand Machine

    Author Andrew Mitchell

    May 6, 2019 5:10:34 PM

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