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    Stop the slog. 22 ways to automate more of your marketing.


    Reduce marketing admin, increase marketing thinking.

    If your team’s days are dominated by endless admin or small but time consuming demands from various divisions or front line teams, it might be time to stop, take a breath and review how you can work smarter.

    If there’s precious little time left for strategic work or dial-shifting campaign thinking, sales won’t be heading north any time soon. Which is why smart marketers create time for the work that really matters through the use of various new marketing technologies.

    Some of these, such as email and lead nurture automation, are well known and publicised. Others, like digital asset management, local marketing automation, and content marketing tools, not so. At Brand Machine, we are constantly surprised how many marketers have had no previous exposure to these, which has made us realise we need to spread the good news more widely.

    Our first initiative is our aptly titled ‘Stop the Slog’ eBook, which you can download free right now. It’s chock full of ideas and insights from observing tech savvy marketers going about their business.

    Expect a rapid-fire tour through marketing automation, digital asset management (DAM), local marketing automation, proposal builder and web to print tools and much more.

    If you ‘stop the slog’ and take a moment to read it, we’ll bet you a dozen cupcakes you’ll pick up an idea or two that you’ll want to explore further.

    Author Andrew Mitchell

    Jul 27, 2015 6:16:00 PM

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