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    When they need marketing support, tell them to do it themselves...


    Going 'DIY' can be the fast track to marketing efficiency - and keeping your sanity.

    Is your team still at the beck and call of local stores, business divisions or distributors requesting marketing and sales support? It might be time to tell them to do it themselves.
    I am not being flippant. At Brand Machine we are seeing a strong trend away from traditional marketing support methods, and replaced by a self-serve, do-it-yourself philosophy. An advanced, cloud-based marketing portal such as Brand Machine’s Marketing Hub is required to execute the turn-around, but the return on investment (and sanity) is typically huge.
    Marketing Hub allows marketing to be executed by front-line teams themselves from pre-designed ‘on-brand’ templates. Outputs are typically PDFs for print, automatically resizable press and print ads, HTML for email, jpeg for online display and digital screen content. Production and delivery processes are also automated, not just for print, but also for event materials and merchandise to further reduce marketing workload. You can play with this technology right now on your desktop by requesting a demo link from us.


    We’ve had the opportunity to quantify some client’s internal resource savings as a result from the switch to ‘self-serve’. A simple task, such as producing an invitation or flyer, will take at least five hours of human effort from all the parties involved – the requester, central marketing, the design resource and print management. The traditional, linear process of producing communications is horrendously time consuming! Contrast this with a templatised, self-serve approach, with which it typically takes 5-10 minutes of total organisational time.

    So while the investment case is clearly strong for going ‘self-serve’, there are some pitfalls. If the user experience isn’t first class you may not get buy-in, so choose your platform wisely.

    You can have a play with Brand Machine's template technology by requesting demo link.

    For more useful tips on how to bring greater efficiencies to your marketing team download our free eBook, Stop the Slog. It’s contains 22 ideas on how to use technology to retain your marketing sanity.


    Author Andrew Mitchell

    Aug 23, 2015 12:56:00 PM