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    Web-to-print systems no longer deliver what local area marketers need.

    Web-to-print systems no longer deliver what local area marketers need

    When we meet new multi-location clients, we are often surprised
    how limited their existing local area marketing technology and processes are. Almost invariably they are solely print based, which in this day in age is somewhat paradoxical.

    There are historical reasons for this. The first generation of local area marketing portal solutions were digital asset management platforms with basic template software termed ‘web-to-print’. These systems were often provided by the printing company as a means to deliver efficiency, but also as a strategic move to lock in a client’s print business.

    Surprisingly, we still come across these web-to-print solutions. Generally usage has slowed to a trickle due to poor user experience, and the fact the system can only handle print outputs.

    In 2019, an omni-channel local area marketing portal is mandatory, with editing and output capabilities that can handle the following:

    • All single and double sided print formats
    • Multi-page documents (proposals)
    • Re-sizable press and print advertising capability
    • All social formats with auto-resizing
    • Web banners (JPEG and HTML)
    • Animations and film for digital screens
    • Animations and film for social content
    • HTML email

    In addition, there is the opportunity to bolt on automated publishing tools for both organic and paid social content and google, that automatically publishes and localises content through local pages and accounts.

    Without doubt there has been an explosion of apps for local marketing in the last 2-3 years, many of them digitally led, which makes only having a web-to-print system as the primary local area marketing tool akin to having a VHS as your only source of home entertainment. Times have changed and multi-location and franchise brands need to move with them.

    To learn more about the latest omni-channel local marketing apps available, download our latest eBook - 6 Game Changing Marketing Apps for Multi-Location Brands.

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    Author Andrew Mitchell

    Aug 8, 2019 3:37:00 PM

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