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    What is digital asset management (DAM), and do you need it?

    Digital Asset Management

    Save time and money by managing your marketing assets better.

    If ten people in your company waste one hour each week searching for files and uploading to share tools like drop box, 3.25 months are wasted each year. One company we audited was spending $140,000 worth of salaried employee time finding and sharing assets. 

    A good Digital Asset Management system (sometimes called Brand Asset Management or Marketing Asset Management) displays all your assets with visual previews, and allows rapid search through filters and free text. Each file can be downloaded in a range of file sizes and types or shared with other system users or external partners. 

    Suddenly your brand community can find and download everything they want themselves instantly, without bothering you. They’re happier, and you have more time for the important work.

    An advanced system like Brand Machine's Brand Library can also have modules added such as interactive templates and production ordering, pitch and proposal templates and online approval systems. This makes it a great starting point from which to begin your journey towards more automated marketing operations.

    Adopting digital asset management is just one of 22 ideas in our STOP THE SLOG eBook, a thought provoking, concise summary of how you can re-mode your marketing operations for greater efficiency and effectiveness. Download it here.

    Author Andrew Mitchell

    Jul 27, 2015 11:00:00 AM

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