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    Why agencies shouldn't be scared of new template technologies

    agencies-scared When agencies understand the power of technology, the results can be stunning.

    When we demonstrate the template technology that powers our self-serve local marketing and sales portals, people often say, ‘gee the agencies won’t like this’. 

    Yes the technology is powerful, and very capable of taking care of the creation of many of those ‘small jobs’. However in practice, we are not seeing agencies losing business at all. In fact it’s quite the reverse.

    It’s work that was never done

    Local marketing has been a sleeping giant that only recently has been prodded by new technology such as Brand Machine’s Marketing Hub. Previously, most marketers were too busy with national campaign work to support local stores or teams with bespoke marketing. And with front-line teams lacking the skills to do it themselves, the result was very little localised marketing got done. When it did, it was seldom able to justify agency attention. Hence today, of the many hundreds of resources that reside in our Marketing Hubs, most are communications and campaigns that were never produced before.

    A significant design and strategy project awaits

    Many of our clients have over 100 resources on their local Marketing Hubs. That’s a chunky design project for any agency. There are strategic opportunities too. Now that localised campaigns using email, mail, press, online and digital screen advertising are so easy to execute, a whole new set of tactical arrows are in the quiver. Clients require agency creativity to maximise the opportunity.

    A creative opportunity

    When agencies understand the power of technology and factor it in to their thinking, the results can be stunning. We have seen some wonderful  ‘hyperlocal campaigns’ where every location has its own tailored messaging – all produced and activated with automation. Others are approaching personalisation in new ways, making heroes of their people or their customers in fresh ways for deeper personal engagement. 

    If I learned anything during my own agency career, it’s the need to embrace new technology and understand how it might benefit your clients. Having them phone to tell you about it, and ask ‘why aren’t we doing this’, is never a call you want to receive.

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    Author Andrew Mitchell

    Sep 11, 2015 8:44:00 AM