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    Will a local area marketing portal work for your brand? Why not try before you buy.

    Brand Machine Try Before You Buy

    Without doubt, for a multi-location or franchise brand, the benefits of implementing a self-service local area marketing 

    portal technology can be huge. However it’s also a big commitment for your team.

    You could be thinking:

    “This will save so much time for the marketing team by eliminating those annoying local marketing requests”.

    “We’ll no longer have to worry about our locations sending out poor quality or off-brand local comms”.

    However, you might also have a few hesitations:

    “Will my location teams be motivated to actually use a LAM portal?”

    “Have I chosen a technology that’s super easy for locations to use to maximise my investment?”

    The excitement ­– and the concerns – are all valid. Which is why at Brand Machine we offer our new friends the chance to trial our Marketing Hub technology first, prior to making a significant financial or resource commitment.

    Terry White Pharmacy choose this option prior to their national roll-out and Digital Marketing Manager Jason Rickard says he found the process invaluable. “We were excited about what Brand Machine could do from the first time we saw it, but as with any large company, selling it in to the rest of the business and receiving budget approval is a key step. By conducting a closed trial to fifteen stores, we were not only able to confirm the system would be well received and used, but the feedback we received proved invaluable for improving our template designs and functionality to ensure the national roll-out was an even bigger success”.

    Trial Brand Machine for either no or low cost.

    If you’re serious about setting up a local area marketing portal, and we agree that you have a strong business case, we can offer you two ways to ‘try before you buy’.

    NO COST – share some branded demo templates with your network.

    We’ll build you two live branded templates at no cost for you to share with some locations. These will be hosted on our Brand Machine demo portal and you can send out the templates to the test group as links. Users will then be able to edit the templates and download finished files for print or digital use. This is a quick and easy process that could have you receiving some great feedback within a couple of weeks.

    Check out a trial template we created for our client Robert Harris right here on Vimeo.

    LOW COST – set up a fully branded trial LAM portal with a free trial license 

    With this option you get your own fully branded LAM portal environment with registered users and basic approval and production workflows in place. This way your test users (up to 15 locations), the marketing team and a supplier can experience the full workflow process from editing, approval requests and ordering. License for a two-month trial is free. The only cost to you is for building some test templates and a small trial site set up charge.

    If a trial sounds like a logical next step for your brand, Contact Us today to to talk through your business case and discuss the easy steps to get a trial underway.

    Trial terms and conditions

    Brand Machine reserves the right to refuse the trial if we do not feel the business case for a LAM portal is robust, or for any other reason at our discretion.

    An indicative pricing proposal for a full nationwide LAM portal set up and license must be presented and accepted (conditional on the success of the trial) before a trial can proceed.

    Artwork for templates and site designs must be provided by the client based on guidelines and wireframes provided by Brand Machine.

    Any trial templates built at no cost, which are then used in a national roll-out, will be invoiced at our standard rate card pricing prior to the full site launch.


    Author Andrew Mitchell

    Jan 22, 2020 2:04:55 PM

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