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    Brand Amplifier brings localised digital marketing at scale to multi-location brands. Automation replaces the previous location by location management of google and social ad campaigns, so you can run local campaigns across the nation in a fraction of the time it would normally take. Request a free demo here.




      Produce location specific ads at scale

      Brand Amplifier is seeing brands switch from generic national campaigns to multiple, localised ad executions thanks to this powerful automation technology. Each social or google ad shows as ‘from’ the local store, branch or dealership, and campaigns can be run across all locations at once or targeted at specific groups of locations.

      Localise content easily

      Dynamic fields allow bulk localisation of ad content to further increase local relevance and engagement. Brand Amplifier can automatically pull through information from your page such as the address and city name, and customise your ad for you, or you can set up custom dynamic fields to promote the local team, a discount, a product…anything you want.


      Save time and cost 

      Brands who set up local digital campaigns for individual locations find it time consuming and inefficient. Others do not have the resources to utilise this targeted and highly effective local advertising channel. With Brand Amplifier doing the heavy lifting for you, you’ll get the local engagement you’ve dreamed for a fraction of the time and cost.


      Pre-configured campaigns

      Finally brands can give locations the freedom to take advantage digital media with full brand compliance and control. Load in pre-configured ad templates for franchisees to choose from, controlling whether locations can edit ad content and to what extent. No Facebook or Google skills are required by them whatsoever.

      Locally funded

      Locations can fund these pre-configured ad-templates themselves with their own credit card. They don’t even need their own Facebook Ad account so no set-up is required by them. They simply select a campaign, insert a daily budget, start and end date and push play!

      NB: This is optional, Head Office can still fund campaigns if required.


      Co-funded option

      Motivate your locations to run, fund and get behind local campaigns. You can build an automated co-funding mechanic (e.g. for every $100 the location will contribute $50) into the campaign and help draw out those local ad dollars franchisees often have trouble spending.


      Local pages, extra reach

      Many brands shy away from local pages, nervous about what locations may post and lack of effective community management. Those fears disappear with Brand Amplifier. You can have as much, or as little, control over local page content as you want. And you’ll have full visibility and community management access across every page via a single dashboard. Best of all, you’re likely to enjoy a significant boost to your organic reach and engagement

      Cascade and localise

      Cascade your nationally approved content to dozens or even hundreds of local pages (or groups of pages) across your network with a few clicks. Content is clearly shown as from the local store and can be automatically localised via dynamic fields. Gone are the days where you have to manually send approved content out to your franchisees for them to post – Brand Amplifier can do it all for you.


      Effective community management

      When customers comment about your business, they expect a prompt response. Yet monitoring individual local pages simply isn’t practical. Brand Amplifier aggregates all comment and reviews from all pages in a single dashboard, making your community management a simple affair. Notifications can be configured and customised to your specific needs, so you can stay on top of things.


      Deep insights

      Using Brand Amplifier’s reporting platform, you can customise what your report will look like depending on your client’s needs. You can include anything you like on your report, including behaviour, age, gender or location. You can pull data from any group of campaigns.

      Consolidated reporting across all pages

      Brand Amplifier stores every piece of information generated by every page indefinitely (in contrast, Facebook purges this data regularly). A single dashboard allows you to analyse your aggregated post against different metrics such as region, dates, gender and more. A leader board shows the best performing pages to generate some competitiveness between locations.


      Accessible from anywhere

      Monthly social media reports can take a long time to process – but no need to wait anymore. Our reporting dashboard is available 24/7 across your desktop, tablet and mobile device.