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  • Get the benefits of having local social accounts with none of the downsides
  • Ensure local pages always have great content
  • Make national campaigns much more effective by making them 'local'
  • Gain full oversight and performance data for all pages in a single dashboard
  • Used by over 180 multi-location brands world-wide.
  • Easy to set up and cost effective - from just $375 per month!



The social media silver bullet for your franchise or multi-location brand.

The geo-targetable nature of social channels make them by far the most effective media for driving local sales for multi-location brands. However fully seizing the opportunity can be challenging. Local teams seldom have the time or skills to post good quality content or run their own local ad campaigns and marketing teams don’t have the time or resource to do it for them. 

Brand Amplifier eliminates these challenges, enabling your brand to fully embrace social channels and maximise engagement in every one of your local markets. 

Make your national social media ad spend work much harder with 'auto-localisation'.

In the same time it takes you to set up a generic national campaign, you can run localised, geo-targeted ads across all your locations at once. Because the ads are from a store 'near them', consumers in each area will be much more engaged with your ads .

Dynamic fields allow localisation of ad content to further increase local relevance and engagement. 


Empower your locations to run and fund their own digital marketing campaigns.

Running digital ad campaigns is typically beyond the skill set of franchisees or dealers. But with Brand Amplifier's 'local ads' feature, the marketing team can set up a selection of Facebook, Instagram or Google adwords 'campaign templates'. Locations simply choose the campaign they want to run, set a budget and press go. No Facebook or Google skills or knowledge are needed whatsoever!

Ensure every one of your local Facebook pages always has great content.

Local teams often lack the time, skills or inclination to regularly post great content on their local page. So Brand Amplifier makes it easy for you do it for them. 

You can cascade content down to all pages (or a selection) while automatically localising the content (directions to the store, managers name, local specials and pricing etc). You'll also have full visibility of comments and reviews on all local pages, along with full performance data, in a single dashboard. 

You can transform your brand's social media marketing for as little as $375 per month, so click the button below to request a demo now.




Local ads at scale

Create hundreds of local campaigns instantly.


Improve ad ROI  

Increased local relevance and ad performance. 


Reduce brand risk 

Control local advertising and organic content.



Save time and cost

No more one-off local campaigns.

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Learn how Brand Amplifier transformed a growing food market with 400+ franchises, a pizza chain with 300+ locations and a restaurant group with 99 restaurants under three brands.

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