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Marketing-Hub Marketing Hub

Local marketing is easy for everyone with our local marketing automation platform. Local staff can adapt and execute their own 'on brand' campaign material quickly with little head office input required.

A marketing automation and campaign management tool like Marketing Hub provides a lifeline for under pressure corporate and enterprise marketing teams, reducing manual support and administration demands by hundreds of hours per month.

Multi-divisional marketing hubs

Multi-divisional marketing hubs

Marketing Hub is often extended well beyond local and retail marketing. Other business units will invariably have their own opportunities for marketing automation and we work with you to explore these. For example, in banking, use will typically expand to the brand team, commercial banking, wealth, insurance and internal comms, further strengthening the value proposition across the business. 

Additional modules

For your brand team, a Brand Library (Digital Asset Management) can be plugged in, and for the sales team multi-page proposal templates can be added with our Proposal Builder module. In a corporate environment there are significant advantages to having a single, IT approved portal perform multiple core marketing automation functions. There is only one system to ‘learn’ for both administrators and users, and a single point for service and support. 

Additional Modules
Legal Compliance

Legal compliance

Once you have a central online source for all marketing and sales resources, which can be set with automated expiry when talent or IP rights or product lines reach their end, legal risk is significant lowered. Better still, all resource usage, local adaptions and sales proposals are tracked and archived so the business has a record of all in-market communication. Your legal team will love you.

Brand consistency 

Because Marketing Hub, Brand Library and Proposal Builder modules all make life so much easier for your brand community, they will use the brand compliant resources you’ve provided rather than develop their own. Brand consistency suddenly takes care of itself.

Brand consistency