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    Brand Machine

    Smart marketers are realising they can reduce their team’s daily grind tasks through the use of smart marketing automation tools.

    This eBook is packed with tips and tools to help you find more effective ways to work using new and not so new marketing software, leaving more time for the work (and play) that really matters.

    In this eBook we help you:

    • Find your inner geek and embrace automation
    • Get local marketing done locally, rather than by your team.
    • Use online collaboration tools
    • Take control of your brand assets with digital asset management (DAM)
    • Automate and template a lot of what you now do manually
    • Use a proposal template to create better pitches faster.
    • Deploy national campaigns faster
    • Automate time consuming production management
    • Empower local marketing teams in digital media
    • Eliminate wasted marketing effort.

    Packed with practical advice, examples and tips, this eBook will make you think twice about your current processes and find ways for you and your team to stop slogging away, and do more of what you really want to do each day.

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