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    Brand Machine-Proposal Builder

    Proposal Builders

    Business proposals are a vital stage in the sales process, yet brands often have no control over the quality and consistency of these presentations. Plus there are often compliance and legal concerns – such as whether product or price details are up-to-date. 


    Our clients are keeping us busy in this area. We have built proposal templates for B2B sales teams that can have imagery and content switched depending on the industry category of the prospect. Sales staff can deselect product areas that are not relevant, and then personalise the pricing and the details of their team. We have also built ‘pitch templates’ for high net worth investors that demonstrate the highest professionalism and a personal touch. Our Proposal Builder module is perfect for teams who want a high-end, design studio quality presentation that will have some wow factor, yet need the flexibilty to tailor and

    personalise it to the client and category in a few minutes. Brand Machine are leaders at integrating variable data into templates, and this can be introduced to populate tables, graphs or pricing. Import can be manual or through a daily API connection. One of the advantages of Brand Machine Proposal Builder is the automatic archiving, and the ability to set up an approval workflow to sales managers, and a production workflow to an internal print manager for printing and binding. Of course the presentations are just as likely to be made via tablet.

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