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Hyper-local Campaigns

This is where local marketing automation with your Marketing Hub gets interesting. With our 'Data-linked' template feature, we’re assisting clients to achieve unique, locally engaging messaging in every one of their sales territories, but without any bespoke artwork generation or user editing required.



Lets say you have 200 branches and you’d like to run a campaign whereby you have 200 unique creative executions – each with a localised variation of your campaign message e.g. “Why do 10,456 Manly residents have their mortgage with Star Bank”. By configuring a data source in your Marketing Hub and connecting it to the relevant template, users simply select their area and



their localised creative is automatically generated and ready for media dispatch, printing, emailing etc. Now that Brand Machine Marketing Hub has removed the hard work and production hassles, challenge your agencies to explore the creative possibilities for more localised messaging for improved engagement.


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